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Who is Amelia?

Amelia Boultbee is your ultimate ally in guiding and executing positive change in the Okanagan. 

Born and raised in Penticton BC, Amelia Boultbee is a fourth generation Pentictonite with deep local knowledge and an abiding love of her hometown. She was elected to City Council in 2022. 

At 18, she moved for school and completed a degree in Political Science at UBC and then attended UBC law school. After practicing in downtown for six years and gaining an appreciation for how lucky she was to grow up here, Amelia returned to Penticton to be close to family and live the incomparable Okanagan lifestyle. 

As a lawyer, Amelia learned the importance of diplomacy, collaboration, and careful strategy and preparation and will bring this experience to the table as council grapples with the complex issues of poverty, addiction and homelessness and how to work effectively with the provincial government. 

Amelia is running in order to address the pressing issues of crime, lack of housing, and the opioid crisis in the Penticton-Summerland riding. 

Amelia believes responsible housing development, and energetic support of small businesses and the focused attraction of more diverse industries to Penticton will result in a more balanced economy and benefit the whole community.


A vote for Amelia is a vote for positive change!

Voting opens

October, 2024

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